Airflo Superflo Universal Taper

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AIRFLO Universal Taper

Weight Forward Fly Line

 This line does it all - and beautifully so, at that. With a taper born from hundreds upon hundreds of hours of testing on literally dozens of different rods, the Universal Taper serves the dry fly angler, nymph fisherman and streamer chucker - all with equal mastery.

The new Airflo Superflo Universal Taper Fly Line, a half line size heavy for quick loading and ease of casting. Destined to become a top selling flylilne for sure.

New tapers, new production technology, new colors. And a massive amount of R&D. Throw all of that into the blender what do you get? An incredibly high performing series of freshwater lines that outshines any PVC product on the market. No UV degradation. No cracking. And no environmental contamination. In short, none of the drawbacks of PVC. Just a heapin’ helping of Airflo goodness.

* Climate Control - Ultra Supple- The special PU coating allows fishing with memory free line and smooth loops even on cold days
* SUPERFLO- Special PU coating of the line, which is more durable than conventional coatings made of PVC materials. The result is also a thinner diameter of the running line compared to conventional lines, for better casting characteristics and range.  
* Power Core- Extremely low stretch line core for direct fish contact and optimal hookset  
* Line Tag- Airflo’s Line Marking System is permanently welded into our factory-fitted loops, making it easy for any angler to identify which line and/or tip they’re using. Each label clearly shows the line’s weight and density -a benefit of particular value to anglers utilizing our trusted system of two hand tips, heads and running lines.
* 100% PVC Free- No harmful, volatile PVC compounds are used in Airflo lines
* Micro Loop- Small pre-welded loops for quick looping and lowest frictional resistance when casting and shooting  
* Color-  Moss Olive (head), Chartreuse (running line)  
* Length- 105'

Available in line sizes 3-6.