New Zealand Strike Indicator Wool

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Strike Indicator New Zealand Wool

Pair With The Tool & Tubing Kits.

The list of benefits to this wool indicator system are endless.

  • Easily Adjustable for Depth, Size of Nymphs, Type of water.
  • Quickly added or removed to go from Dries to Nymphs or swinging wets.
  • Stealthy lands softly more likely to be taken as a dry than spook a trout
  • Doesn’t Slip with large fish or aggressive casting
  • Knotless does not kink or weaken your leader
  • Super sensitive detects the lightest strikes
  • Truly The guides favorite for performance one versatility
  • Many Colors for all light conditions

    • Bright Orange - when sighting is a challenge
    • Black - when there’s a glare and the water surface turns silver/gray - amazing how well Black works in these conditions 
    • Chartreuse - best when the background is dark or in low-light conditions
    • White - looks like an air bubble